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7 best JavaScript libraries for designers

When you’re deep in the throes of a new website design, ensuring that the appearance and functionality of the website work together seamlessly is vital to its overall success.

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10 things every designer should know

Convention is usually in place because it worked for someone, or perhaps a group of people, for a time. It feels safe and predictable.

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Website color schemes: Theory, practice, and inspiration

Color is a key component of your business’s branding, and also helps communicate important messaging to users as they interact with your site.

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Essentials icon pack: The most-used icons in one place

In the creative industry, it’s helpful to know what you’re passionate about and what resources can help you in your work.

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A guide to effective use of white space in web design

Designers love it, yet website owners want to fill it. White space is often regarded as a waste of valuable screen space.

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